Upgrade to the easiest online guitar tab app

Were you epecting to see the guitar tab creator?

This page use to be held for a very old version of the software.  Sorry if that is a shock, but, much has changed since that release, and we no longer can support multiple versions of our site.  Do not fret, a free version of the software is still available, you do not need to log in or create an account to use the site, and it is loaded with the same features as well as much, much more.

The new site is so much better!

It is so much easier to make tab using the new tab making software  - and it is still free to use!

For Instance, with the latest version of guitar tab creator, you can use our new Interactive Tab Editor that allows you to edit any note on any stave, allowing you to make guitar tab much easier than on the previous version. If you do create an account, you can save your tab, continue to edit it at a later time, and share it with people. 

Create Alternate Tunings!

The original version did not allow you to change your tunings, while the latest version allows you to adjust the tuning of your guitar individually, or, you can choose an alternate guitar tuning from our collection of the most common tunings.  Learn More about Alternate Tunings

The new interface is awesome!

We've totally redesigned the tab interface, allowing you more control of your guitar tab, found only in the best of tabbing software. 

Drop the Version2 from the URL

You could be creating guitar tab right now, So, Please give the new site a try, it can be found on the home page:


Guitar Tab Creator is intended to store guitar tab created through the tool. It currently does not support in-line text editing. Any text you place in here will be lost. If you need to comment on your tab, please use the "Tab Notes" section located below.